Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome OR PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is one of the most commonly occurring hormonal disorder in women capable of reproduction. It derives its name from the characteristic cysts (fluid-filled sacs) that are formed in the ovaries. This results in the dysfunction and deformation of the organ. The ovaries fail to produce eggs regularly, resulting in irregular mensuration, menorrhagia, painful cramps, etc. Further complications arising from PCOS include obesity, hormonal imbalance, infertility, insulin resistance, heart problems, etc.  

There is no definite cause for this condition. However, many factors play a part in its development, such as obesity, genetics, or exposure to certain drugs. Early diagnosis can help in better management of the condition without the physical and mental health. Here are some of the significant signs and symptoms of PCOs:

the significant signs and symptoms of PCOs

  • Irregular Periods: The ovaries fail to release eggs every month, which results in an irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Menorrhagia: The hormonal imbalance causes excessive shedding of the endometrial lining resulting in heavy flow.
  • Pelvic pain: The excess bleeding causes painful bouts of pelvic cramps and hinders your routine productivity.
  • Hirsutism: Another consequence of the hormonal disparity resulting in unwarranted hair on the face and other body parts.
  • Acne: The elevated levels of male androgens (hormone) can cause other abnormalities such as acne
  • Acanthosis Nigricans: A condition in which the skin in the armpits, nape region of the neck, and skin folds become darker and thick, giving a leathery appearance.
  • Insulin Resistance: Insulin resistance is one of the most impacting consequences that significantly affect health. Women with PCOS have a high level of glucose circulating in their bloodstream, as their insulin fails to regulate it. As a result, they have large amounts of sugar and fatty acids in their blood.
  • Obesity: Due to insulin resistance, fatty acids keep accumulating in the body resulting in uncontrolled weight gain.
  • Inability to conceive: The multiple cysts in the ovary comprise its efficiency in producing eggs, reducing the chance of fertilization and eventually conception.

Although these are very visibly evident and noteworthy changes that occur in people with PCOS, a clinical diagnosis can be made with the help of a physical examination and an ultrasound. Proper consultation and medication can manage these effects efficiently. At Vivid Medical Centre, we have qualified gynecologists and high-end machinery to assist and evaluate your condition. If you feel you’re suffering from more than one of the symptoms mentioned above, visit us today for a consultation.

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